Telangana is under-reporting COVID-19 deaths, say mortuary workers


Two mortuary employees of Gandhi Hospital, the main COVID-treatment facility in Hyderabad, have said that the Telangana health department is under-reporting COVID-19 deaths. On Monday & Tuesday, they reported 9 & 10 deaths respectively. 


Satyam and Prasad (the hospital staffs who revealed this data) said they and their fellow workers are repeatedly reminded by the higher-ups that it is easy to sack contract staff. 


The state government has in the past repeatedly denied under-reporting COVID-19 deaths, claiming that it did not have anything to hide on that front. In earlier instances when there were reports that COVID-19 deaths were not being declared, it had said it takes two to three days to go through a deceased patient's records and ascertain the actual cause of death.

Though top health department officials said two weeks ago that they would include details of the deceased in the bulletin, including their home town, no such details are being provided. Nor is there a break-up of the number of deaths at various government and private hospitals.