First COVID-19 vaccine tested in US shows good results


Researchers reported on Tuesday that the first COVID-19 vaccine in the US improved people's immune systems in the way scientists expected. The major final trial of the vaccine has been scheduled around 27 July.


Early volunteers developed a neutralizing antibody in their bloodstream (the key to molecules to prevent infection), comparable to the antibodies levels found in those that emerged from the covid. The research team reported this in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Two doses of the vaccine are required in an interval of one month.


There were no serious side effects. But more than half of the study participants reported flu-like reactions to shots that are not uncommon with other vaccines - fatigue, headaches, chills, fever, and pain at the injection site. For the three participants given the highest dose, those responses were more severe; Therefore, that dose is not being administered.

The study of 30,000 people will mark the world's largest study of a possible COVID-19 vaccine so far.