A missing border pillar in Humla creates row between Nepal and China


Nepal & China are engaged in a boundary row in Humla. With a border pillar missing since Nepal built a road in the area several years ago, the Chinese side has now allegedly constructed 11 buildings in the area.


Tamang, the chair of Namkha Rural Municipality, said that if a straight line of demarcation from pillar no 12 towards 11 is drawn, the disputed land clearly falls inside Nepali territory.


“We are aware of those news first spread by some Indian media and now it has also already drawn Nepali media's attention,” said Zang Si, spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy earlier in the evening.

Later in the evening, Zhang, in another email, said, “I have just got feedback from our headquarters. The buildings that are mentioned by the media are in the Chinese side [sic]. Nepali side can check it again.”


Officials at the Ministry of Home Affairs told that they are waiting for the report from Humla to be submitted by Chief District Officer Giri.