Thailand Open: BWF explains Srikanth's nose bleeding after Covid-19 swab test


The Badminton World Federation and Thailand badminton body have explained the turn of events that might have led to a nosebleed for Kidambi Srikanth after his mandatory Covid-19 test on Tuesday in the lead up to Thailand Open 2021.


Kidambi Srikanth took to social media to express his frustration over a bleeding nose resulting from the swab test for Covid-19. Srikanth called it unacceptable and lashed out at the medical authorities for his bloodied nose.

"We take care of ourselves for the match not to come and shed blood for THIS. However, I gave 4 tests after I arrived and I can't say any of them have been pleasant. Unacceptable," an upset Srikanth wrote on Twitter.

Responding to Srikanth's sharp criticism on social media, the BWF and Badminton Association of Thailand explained their stance after getting a medical explanation.

"The athlete had been swabbed three times earlier with the most recent one possibly causing irritation and fragility of the capillaries. Therefore, when the swab was repeated on Tuesday, and factoring in the athlete's tense nature, the position of the stick in the nasal passage was misaligned, which caused the slight bleeding noticed from the tip of the swab," BWF said in a statement.