The ISRO on Thursday launched 3 satellites for Singapore from its Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. This was the second launch mission for Isro in the year and was the second commercial launch for the Indian space agency.

Isro is attempting a new experiment with the four-stage rocket & using the fourth stage (PS4) to perform PSLV Orbital Experimental Module (POEM) activity. The team will perform the experiments using the spent PS4 stage as an orbital platform.


PSLV-C53 mission: Isro sends three satellites from Singapore to space in textbook launch


The ISRO on Thursday launched three satellites for Singapore from its Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. 

The spacecraft carried DS-EO satellite, NeuSAR, a 155 kg satellite, and Scoob-1 of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.


The PSLV-C53 mission lifted off at 06:02 pm to deploy the three satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).


The DS-EO satellite carried an Electro-Optic, multi-spectral payload with 0.5 m resolution imaging capability. Meanwhile, the SCOOB-I is the first satellite in the Student Satellite Series (S3-I), a hands-on student training program from the Satellite Research Centre (SaRC) at Singapore's NTU School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


This was the second PSLV mission of the year after Isro successfully launched the PSLV-C52 mission in February this year by injecting the Earth Observation Satellite (EOS-04), into an intended sun-synchronous polar orbit of 529 km altitude.

The mission also placed two small satellites, a student satellite INSPIREsat-1, and a technology demonstrator satellite, INS-2TD, a precursor to India-Bhutan Joint Satellite INS-2B.