Cricket has been added to the list of shortlisted sports that will be reviewed by the IOC in addition to the 2028 Los Angeles Games. IOC has signalled 28 sports to be part of the 2028 Games with a focus on youth. 

A final decision on the inclusion of cricket is expected in the second quarter of 2023. Cricket, along with other sports including baseball/softball, break dancing, karate, kickboxing, & squash, etc is vying for a spot at the 2028 Los Angeles Games.


Cricket to be reviewed by International Olympic Committee for addition to 2028 Los Angeles Games


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has added cricket to a shortlist of nine sports for consideration for inclusion in the 2028 Los Angeles Games, giving cricket’s bid for involvement in the Olympics a big boost. 


A final decision regarding cricket’s inclusion is anticipated during the second quarter of 2023 when the committee is slated to meet in Mumbai.


Eight other sports, namely baseball/softball, flag football, lacrosse, break dancing, karate, kickboxing, squash, and motorsports will compete for a spot, in addition to cricket.

The IOC has already approved the inclusion of 28 sports in February 2022 for inclusion in the LA Games. It committed to expanding the program at the same meeting, and in May, it devised a system for assessing “potential new sports” to determine whether they were appropriate for the LA28 Games.