Twitter lauds a cop who drove 20km to help a girl in reaching her exam centre on time. The girl mistakenly went to the wrong centre 20km away, but the cop sped in his police van with sirens blaring to get her to the correct one. A Twitter post on the same has gone viral!


Twitter Heaps Praise On Police Officer Who Drove 20 Km To Help Girl Reach Exam Centre


A cop's act of driving 20km at full speed, with sirens blaring, to help a girl reach her exam centre has earned him praise on Twitter. 


According to user Adarsh Hegde, the incident took place in Gujarat. The girl being talked about was dropped off at the wrong school by her father. She looked at the seating chart and did not find her roll number on the list. This was when she realised that she was in the wrong place and got panicky.

A nearby policeman, who was on duty at the time, noticed that she was particularly stressed. He inquired about the issue and was told the entire saga. Upon checking the address on the student’s hall ticket, he realised that the location she was actually supposed to be at was 20 kilometres away.


The helpful Police Inspector, identified by local media outlets as JV Dhola, gave her a ride in his jeep, driving at full speed with the siren blaring. He was able to drop her off at the examination hall on time and all seems to have ended well.